2021 Marketing Programs

The Finger Lakes Wine Alliance executes an annual program of work exclusive to levy contributors.  Each one receives a variety of benefits including website inclusion, access to our wine publication submission calendar, exclusive event/tasting opportunities, and additional marketing programs for purchase to build not only their winery’s brand, but the Finger Lakes brand.  The annual program of work targets key markets and key audiences and is centered around the FLWA mission.

2021 Marketing Programs Details (PDF)

  • Finger Lakes Riesling Camp
  • Riesling Road Show: New York
  • Riesling Roadshow: Out-of-State
  • Winemaker’s Master Class
  • Exclusive Opportunities

Finger Lakes Riesling Camp (Virtual)

The Finger Lakes Wine Alliance invites you to learn more about our four-week educational immersion program, Riesling Camp, and discover what makes Finger Lakes Riesling so versatile and inviting. Participants take part in 1.5 hour seminars on a key aspect of Finger Lakes Rieslings. Wines are sent to the participants.

Participation is limited to 24 participants and those interested are required to apply in advance for acceptance into the program. If you are interested in learning more about the program or completing the questionnaire, contact kyle@fingerlakeswinealliance.com.

Riesling Roadshow (Virtual)

Riesling Roadshow is an annual trade, media and retail promotion of Finger Lakes Rieslings. Riesling Roadshow events will be broken into two segments: New York and Out-of-State. With each segment consisting of 3-4 two-hour sessions designed to allow winemakers or owners to describe their wines in more details to a more knowledgeable audience. Wines are sent to participants.

For more information, please contact kyle@fingerlakeswinealliance.com.