On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, thirty plus winemakers from the Finger Lakes gathered at Glenora Wine Cellars for their 2nd annual Winemaker’s Master Class with a focus on Cabernet Franc.  Winemaker, Brian Schmidt from Vineland Estates Winery, and MW, Mollie Battenhouse from Jackson Family Wines, were our guest presenters for the class.

Our winemakers tasted 20 bottles of Cabernet Franc from various regions including the Loire, Ontario, and Virginia.  Discussion was had regarding the specific challenges and opportunities working with Cabernet Franc including oak utilization, viticultural practices that influence Cabernet Franc, as well as specific fermentation issues.

The Winemaker’s Master Class focuses  on critical winegrowing and winemaking issues pertinent to the Finger Lakes.  This workshop/tasting is conducted by experts and are open to FLWA member winery winemakers and key team members.