Looking for the perfect pairing from your kid’s Halloween candy bucket? Forbes suggests chilling a bottle of Blanc de Blancs from Dr Konstantin Frank along with the seasonal Kit Kat Halloween Witches Brew Marshmallow. Click the link to read more! https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeanneobriencoffey/2023/10/26/try-these-sommelier-approved-halloween-candy-and-wine-pairings/?sh=2d1d306ba9c3&fbclid=IwAR02p-bfWjlybfl6M7rZKg68SKxlulAzxZIRKfTk9_t38CkONlU5VtsoPCc

VinePair regularly reviews wines from around the world, and in their recent “10 Best” list of Rieslings over and under $30, half of the wines come from the Finger Lakes! Click the link to read more: https://vinepair.com/buy-this-booze/best-riesling-2023/