“Its warm amber color and inviting aroma will draw you in, but beware – this brew has a spooky secret. As you savor the sweet, tangy notes of fresh apples, cinnamon, and spice, you might catch a glimpse of a skeleton reaching out from the shadows, beckoning you deeper into our Louisiana bayou. This brew is perfect for those chilly autumn nights when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.” – Hooch & Holler back label “warning”

Three Brothers Wineries‘ (TBW) production team set out to make a new world fortified apple cider. The process started as most ciders do, apples were crushed and pressed into stainless steel tanks then it went rogue. Part of the blending process involved freezing the unfermented juice and thawing out the same juice producing a sweet cider. An additional part of the process involved fermentation of the cider and then the distillation to produce apple brandy. The sweet cider and the apple brandy were blended to make the finished cider, aged in bourbon barrels then bottled and labeled Hooch & Holler.

Part of Three Brother’s Bagg Dare lineup (a Louisiana Bayou themed tasting room on the estate), Hooch & Holler is amplifying taste buds. First, you’re hit with cinnamon, baking spice, and cardamon, then a rich flavor of sweet apples. Bright acid warms the mouth followed by a super smooth finish, you’d never guess it’s 20% ABV. Enjoy Hooch & Holler neat, over ice, or in a crafty cocktail. The TBW marketing team recommends spiking your summer sangria with a cup of Hooch (& Holler). Head wine and cider maker Aaron Roisen suggests mixing Hooch & Holler + Red Jacket Apple Cider + TBW Sparkling Sec or use it in an Apple Brandy Sidecar when the weather cools down.

Collaborating with other local businesses is a priority at TBW. Hooch and Holler was made with apples sourced from Red Jacket Orchard (Geneva, NY) and brandy distilled at Finger Lakes Distilling (Burdett, NY). Look for Hooch & Holler in the Three Brothers Wineries and Estates tasting room and online store https://www.3brotherswinery.com/hooch-and-holler